EHHF, The Enlightened Helping Hand Foundation


Enlightened Helping Hand Foundation is dedicated to helping disadvantaged single parent families become successful.
EHHF was founded by a single mother who immigrated to the United States from Armenia. The hardships she’s endured – and overcome! – inspired her to create Enlightened Helping Hand Foundation. (Read the story of Enlightened Helping Hand Foundation’s Founder that inspired and drives EHHF’s mission.)

American FlagEHHF assists struggling single parent families by providing programs and support that help Los Angeles area’s struggling single parents become self-sufficient.  

Single parents shoulder DOUBLE responsibility. A single parent must be the mom, the dad and the provider. A single parent has to take care of a sick child, juggle schedules, do laundry, shop, help with homework, prepare meals, and yes, make a living! Not surprisingly, many single parents are overworked, overstressed and short on resources.

It’s a fact: the odds are stacked against single parent families.
There are seriously ill single mothers, with sole custody of their kids: SINGLE MOTHERS WITH CANCER (or with a child who has cancer), KIDS IN TOW AND FACING HOMELESSNESS, please help us save them!!!!! Visit our page on Razoo and lend YOUR support!!!

Government’s assistance programs address many immediate needs of disadvantaged single parents with children. (Several, excellent non-profit organizations fill in the gaps.)

The mission of Enlightened Helping Hand Foundation is to provide tools and support to struggling single parents determined to overcome their problems: to claim (or reclaim) their independence and self-sufficiency.


In the past, in addition to providing individual case management and life skills’ workshops, EHHF assisted struggling single parent families by meeting their emergency needs for food, household items, clothing, shoes, toys, etc.

In 2015 we’ll continue the much needed individual case management and life skills’ workshops and but will no longer provide relief in the form of food or goods. Instead in 2015 EHHF will introduce:

  • a referral program (to government’s and private agencies’ resources)
  • professional counsel (available to EHHF’s members by appointment, only)
  • after-school program for children (to ensure that single household’s children are receiving good care after school while liberating single parents from worries and allowing them more time to improve their skills and / or earn a living.)

Existing and new programs are – and will be – available to qualified, LOCAL Enlightened Helping Hand Foundation’s members.

EHHF’s Food Pantry (as well as its emergency goods’ program) have been discontinued, permanently and will not be available in 2015. 

EHHF’s commitment to unemployed and underemployed single parents with children remains steadfast. The new direction will provide support that’s either not available elsewhere or is most effective in getting struggling single parents’ lives back on track.

Being a single parent is tough. It isn’t – and shouldn’t be – an excuse for surrender. There are millions of successful and fulfilled single parent families out there! The crisis that accompanies the realization that you’re a single parent is temporary. Enlightened Helping Hand Foundation is here to assist you in overcoming it and creating permanent self-sufficiency!

EHHF is focused on empowering single parent families to help children. Your donations – of money, goods or vehicles – enable us to work on ensuring that ALL children – including disadvantaged single parent families’ – can prosper and thrive!