Assistance for Disadvantaged Single Parent Families


Single Parent

American FlagIf you are a parent you know that children are… EVERYTHING. Their safety, comfort and education are of utmost importance.
We ALL want the very best for our children. Ensuring the best is a challenge for most two-parent families.

A single parent faces even more challenges. (No one is prepared to be a single parent!) The single parent has to be a mother, a father and a provider while – in many cases – still dealing with the causes or consequences – of his or her single parenthood.

Why should WE help struggling single parent families? Because EVERY child is precious and deserving. The best way to help children being raised by a single parent is to help the parent.


In an effort to help single parents become self-sufficient,Single Parent Enlightened Helping Hand Foundation provides life skills’ workshops, referral program, professional counsel and an after-school program for children from disadvantaged single parent households. In San Fernando Valley, CA disadvantaged single parents who can document their financial hardship can apply to participate  in these support and empowerment programs.

If you’d like to help struggling single parents to become self-sufficient, please donate! Your donation will help a qualified recipient (struggling single parent) and it will help the single parent’s children! Your donation is essential!

If you’re a struggling single parent living in San Fernando Valley, CA you are NOT alone. Help is available, apply now.