Apply for EHHF’s Single Parent’s Assistance


In spite of the still weak economy, Enlightened Helping Hand Foundation has done its best to assist disadvantaged single parents with children in California and nationwide with food, goods and more. Due to EHHF’s recent change of direction, the emergency food and goods’ assistance has been discontinued permanently.
Our focus has become LOCAL, only with emphasis on local referrals, life skills’ workshops and after school program.

We deeply regret not being able to assist you! With that said, research other available resources:

  • your local Department of Social Services (it most likely provides a cash aid program for low income families to meet their basic needs. There’re programs that provide education, employment, and training programs to help families get jobs and move towards self-sufficiency. Child care, transportation, work expenses and counseling are available for families in work activities.) When all else fails, mention GAIN. GAIN is a program for people who can’t find employment: they get to volunteer at no pay, but get compensation from the government.
  • your local County Welfare Department
  • try TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families). You can apply Online. Enter the following on Google Search “temporary assistance for needy families application” and locate the link of your home State’s Website.
  • try Mercy Housing and see if they have housing available in your area
  • don’t forget your local Church, Salvation Army, Goodwill and Rescue Mission!

We know and understand that being a single parent is a tremendous challenge. DON’T GIVE UP, CONTINUE FIGHTING: your children count on you to succeed!
Our best thoughts are with you and yours,
Enlightened Helping Hand Foundation