Shop for Charity with Ralphs Rewards


So you’d like to relieve the suffering of struggling single parents and their children but have no time or resources to contribute. Let me ask you a question: do you shop for groceries at Ralphs? YOU CAN HELP!!!

Ralphs, Southern California’s leading supermarket, supports Enlightened Helping Hand Foundation’s cause. Enlightened Helping Hand Foundation is one of the beneficiaries of Ralphs Rewards. Every time a supporter of Enlightened Helping Hand Foundation shops for groceries and swipes his or her Ralphs Rewards card, our organization automatically benefits!

How YOU can help? Go to
2/ Once you have a confirmed Ralphs account, log in.
3/ In account settings, under Community Rewards, enter organization’s number: 94061
4/ SAVE!!!

That’s all it takes! Five minutes of your time, ONCE a year. Then, every time you shop, you’ll be also helping the most vulnerable members of our community: impoverished single parents (mostly single mothers) and disadvantaged children.

Incidentally, there are many advantages to having an account on Ralphs Website. You’ll be able to:

  • Connect your account with your existing Rewards Card
  • View your Ralphs Rewards Card points and savings
  • Download coupons directly to your Rewards Card
  • Sign up to receive your weekly ad by email
  • See what’s happening at your Ralphs store
  • Receive emails for special offers, coupons & more
  • Create and save a shopping list
  • Update your mailing address

You have to buy groceries anyway, why not shop for charity with Ralphs Rewards? Won’t it be nice to know that while you’re feeding your family, you are also helping a family in need?……….. BE GENEROUS, thanks to Ralphs, IT WON’T COST YOU A DIME!