EHHF Christmas 2011


The Enlightened Helping Hand Foundation is just over 1 year old. Last year, we’re just getting started. The excitement and workload were overwhelming. We were encouraged by the generosity of supporters who contributed to our causes. We felt blessed that we were able to help numerous struggling single parent families that applied for EHHF’s assistance.
We didn’t think of creating a photo and video history of our activities….  That’s why we can’t impress you with pictures that would tell you the stories of our beneficiaries.

Christmas 2011


Disadvantaged, single parents often approach us when they’re at a breaking point.  Based on our relatively short experience, ANY assistance that comes from a place of understanding and compassion truly has the power to change lives. It seems that the assistance our beneficiaries request (and receive) in addition to filling some specific, practical need lifts them up and gives them the strength to persevere.

Single parenthood is NOT for sissies. Single parenthood combined with financial hardship is hard to imagine. Taking care of a child is a matter of organization and schedule. Looking for a job, or an additional job, while caring for a child or children is tough. If you listen to the struggling single parents, it’s impossible not to respect them. They have the same love and dreams for their children as we do, but they have to fight and work even harder than we do for the sake of their kids.

Thanks to your support, we’re able to spread help to more single parent families in 2012 than in 2011. Hopefully, the same will be true every year. The need is urgent and huge. Make no mistake, when you support Enlightened Helping Hand Foundation, you’re helping us help the unsung heroes among us!

Your support shows, just check EHHF’s 2012 Christmas Gift Giveaway for unemployed and underemployed single parent families!