EHHF’s Programs and Events


In keeping with Enlightened Helping Hand Foundation’s change of direction in 2014 – to more effectively assist disadvantaged single parents to self-sufficiency – EHHF had to make several changes to its existing programs.
In the past the staples of EHHF’s activity were:

  • EHHF’s Individual Case Management
  • EHHF’s Food Pantry which provided free food to help supplement local, disadvantaged single parent families’ stretch their grocery budgets.
  • EHHF’s Life Skills’ Workshops

In 2014 Enlightened Helping Hand Foundation will continue providing:
EHHF’s Individual Case Management
EHHF’s Life Skills’ Workshops which will continue to include:

  • Motivational Seminars with Featured Speakers
  • Resume Writing Workshop
  • Computer Literacy Workshops
  • Money Management Workshops
  • Life Skills’ Workshops
  • English As A Second Language Workshops
  • and more

to empower unemployed and under-employed single parents by teaching skills needed to get a well-paying job and achieve or maintain self-sufficiency.
In addition, Enlightened Helping Hand Foundation will provide:

  • a referral program (to government’s and private agencies’ resources)
  • professional counsel (available to EHHF’s members by appointment, only)
  • after-school program for children (to ensure that single household’s children are receiving good care after school while liberating disadvantaged single parents from worries and allowing them more time to improve their skills and / or earn a living.)

Existing and new programs are – and will be – available to qualified, LOCAL Enlightened Helping Hand Foundation’s members.

EHHF’s Food Pantry (as well as EHHF’s emergency goods’ program) have been discontinued, permanently and will not be available in 2014. 

Additional information about new programs and schedules will be announced on Enlightened Helping Hand Foundation’s Website and / or blog as it becomes available.