About The Enlightened Helping Hand Foundation


The Enlightened Helping Hand Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to serving disadvantaged single parent families. (EHHF was conceived with the intent of providing assistance to disadvantaged single parent families AND improving access to – or outright enabling – college level education for both single parents suffering financial hardship and single parent families’ children. Since its establishment in 2011 however EHHF has learned that big changes start small…)

American FlagThe mission of EHHF is: To enable struggling single parents eager to lift themselves up by the bootstraps become independent and self-sufficient by providing them with:

  • individual case working
  • life skills’ workshops for adults that improve work and money management skills
  • a referral program (to government’s and private agancies’ resources)
  • professional counsel (available to EHHF’s members by appointment, only)
  • after-school program for children (to ensure that single household’s children are receiving good care after school while liberating single parents from worries and allowing them more time to improve their skills and / or earn a living.)

The vision of EHHF is: To create a transitional facility that would provide housing, meals, psychological care, child care, after school program, adult education as well as employment to facilitate the transition of disadvantaged single parents with children into independence and successful self-sufficiency. With the ultimate goal of ensuring that every child – the child of a single parent included – is safe, nurtured and educated and that single parents’ families are as strong and successful as two parent families.

EHHF doesn’t discriminate on the basis of race, religion, gender, national origin, age, disability or any other characteristic protected by law.

(With time and your support, Enlightened Helping Hand Foundation hopes to sponsor college level education for needy single parent families’ wanting to better themselves as well as expand its charitable activities beyond the United States.)

EHHF currently works in alliance with Child Care Resource Center Los Angeles, World Harvest Food Bank, L.A. Diaper Drive, and other esteemed organizations to reach more single parent families in need and expand our ability to help.

Enlightened Helping Hand Foundation welcomes donations (tax-deductible!), organizes fundraisers, produces and distributes educational materials, runs a donation center and a thrift store to raise funds used to support disadvantaged single parent families and underprivileged children.

EHHF Donation Center


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Enlightened Helping Hand Foundation
6750 Vanowen St.
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Phone: (818) 503-7775

TIN: 45-1867846
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None of EHHF’s activities would be possible without your help! Enlightened Helping Hand Foundation welcomes and appreciates donations of money, goods, vehicles as well as bequests. Please help us help disadvantaged single parent families get back on their feet!