The Goal of EHHF


Enlightened Helping Hand Foundation is doing its best to assist single parent families in need. If you looked over our Website you already know that.
EHHF used to assist disadvantaged single parent families:

  • with individual case working
  • filling immediate need for goods
  • stretching grocery budgets
  • workshops that help struggling single parents improve their work  and job-hunting skills

In 2014 EHHF is eliminating its emergency food and goods’ program and adding even more programs to assist disadvantaged single parents develop self-sufficiency.

We’re also receiving MANY desperate requests for help Online from poor single parents allover the country. So many of them are in such dire straits that our replies to them, no matter how thoughtful, no matter how referral and advice laden, no matter even if accompanied by goods, seem painfully inadequate.

There are situations in life, perhaps particularly in lives of poor single mothers (or single fathers) with children in tow when no band aid will do. There are stories of horror, stories of heartbreak and stories of outrageous unfairness. The victims are disadvantaged single parents and worse, helpless children. After a while of reading SOS letters and desperate pleas for help from struggling single parents suffering from hunger and / or facing homelessness even the best meaning non-profit organization realizes that working 24 hours a day is nowhere near sufficient and can’t ever make enough of a difference to people confronted by life and death emergencies, RIGHT NOW.

Is there a way to save them? YES! No individual can do it alone and no, Enlightened Helping Hand Foundation cannot do it alone, either. But if enough people – regular people, good people, charitable people, well-to-do people and so forth – become aware of the plight of unemployed and underemployed single parents and care enough to help them gain self-sufficiency, it can be done ONE DOLLAR AT A TIME! It will be done and EHHF will see to it that it is done!!!

True charity shouldn’t be a band aid but a strong support that takes care of and protects the vulnerable among us until they develop self-sufficiency. 

Out of utter frustration, Enlightened Helping Hand Foundation decided to launch aggressive fundraising. (You can learn more about each by clicking on the link.)
Safe Family Haven Fund for Struggling Single Parent Families
Emergency Groceries Fund for Single Parent Families in Need Nationwide

We’ll take them to every audience, every social media, we’ll fight, plead and beg, but we won’t stop until both of our fundraisers meet their goals and EHHF will be in the position to truly turn around lives of desperate single parent families.

We’re sick and tired of being unable to sleep at night thinking of the dire need out there!!! We won’t give up the fight, so if you like to hang around winners, stick with us and pitch in: it’s NOT right that innocent children should be hungry and / or homeless no matter what’s the reason! It is for THEIR sake that we have to create a temporary home – a sanctuary – where they get to live their childhoods while their single parents learn and achieve self-sufficiency. There is a way out for them, if only YOU could appreciate their plight!