Emergency Groceries Fund for Single Parent Families in Need Nationwide


In a tough economy, those most vulnerable suffer most. Who is most vulnerable? Unemployed and underemployed single parents. Financial hardship hurts. For a single parent with a sole custody of her – or his – children the suffering is multiplied.

Hungry Child


As a non-profit organization dedicated to the cause of disadvantaged single parent families, Enlightened Helping Hand Foundation (EHHF) encounters families in crisis every day.

We’re overwhelmed by pleas for help from desperate single parents facing hunger allover the United States. (Food requests are pouring in from everywhere, most notably from Florida and Texas.)

  • Over 50 million people in the US struggle putting food on the table
  • 1 in 6 people in America go hungry.
  • 1 in 5 children goes to sleep hungry (In Latino and African-American families, it’s 1 in 3!)
  • Households with children are affected with hunger TWICE as often as childless households.

The above statistics are for both: two parent and single parent families. As you can easily imagine the numbers look even WORSE for single parent families!!!

EHHF spared no effort searching for a nationwide grocery chain, food distributor or food manufacturer who could provide a number of $20 food gift cards / vouchers that could be redeemed in any State, for food only. To the best of our knowledge, there isn’t even one nationwide grocery retailer / supplier.

Imagine you’re hungry; your children are crying for food and you’re out of money and ideas on how to get help. Now imagine that Enlightened Helping Hand Foundation responds to your request for food with referrals to your local resources… These are fine referrals that are likely to be helpful to you and your kids. One “minor” problem: if you have no money for groceries, you can’t even think straight. Chances are you’re saving the last $5 for the next meal for your children and not for a bus fare…. If with the response to each request we’d be able to enclose a $20 gift card redeemable for groceries, at least some of the starving single parent families would have a fighting chance!

We’re all taking eating for granted: many of us are into gourmet foods and / or organic foods. Isn’t it a shame that our own American children go hungry and / or undernourished? We have “Meals on Wheels” for seniors which is wonderful and necessary; shouldn’t we have some minimum, emergency food program specifically for single parent families?

The goal is to create an Emergency Groceries Fund for Single Parent Families in Need Nationwide. The target amount is $10,000

Poverty isn’t anyone’s choice. Single parenthood isn’t a choice anyone sane would make, either.

Please help us raise the funds: without your help and an Emergency Groceries Fund for Single Parent Families in Need Nationwide, we can’t help starving single parent families across the United States!

Please donate, you have the power to feed a struggling single parent’s child…