Safe Family Haven for Struggling Single Parent Families


No matter what you’ve been hearing on the news, the fact is that some of us have been affected by the sluggish economy more than others. There’re people out there who lost their jobs and those who have been unemployed for so long that they’ve run out of their unemployment benefits; there are others yet, who are working but their income isn’t sufficient to cover even the most basic expenditures like food and shelter (the so called  “working poor”). ALL of these people suffer. Many have run out of options.

Now, imagine a single parent with a sole custody of her or his children in any of the above described situations. The suffering is multiplied.

Homeless Single Mother

Homeless Single Mother

As a non-profit organization dedicated to the cause of disadvantaged single parent families, Enlightened Helping Hand Foundation (EHHF) encounters families in crisis every day.

We’re overwhelmed by pleas for help from desperate single parents facing hunger and homelessness from allover the United States.

  • Over 50 million people in the US struggle putting food on the table
  • 1 in 6 people in America go hungry.
  • 1 in 5 children goes to sleep hungry (In Latino and African-American families, it’s 1 in 3!)
  • Households with children are affected with hunger TWICE as often as childless households.

America’s Youngest Outcasts: State Report Card on Child Homelessness, National Center on Family Homelessness reports:
1 in 45 children is homeless that’s more than 1.6 million American children!
National Coalition for the Homelessness states that family homelessness accounts for 41% of the nation’s homeless and the trend is on a rise.

The numbers for single parent families are even direr!!!

If it’s hard for you to believe that families with children are becoming homeless at such an alarming rate, I highly recommend that you read “America is Ignoring Homeless Families”, an article by Greg Kaufmann, The Nation, published on Bill Moyers’ Website. It explains how the odds are stacked AGAINST families with children due to Department of Housing and Urban Development’s legislation. Here’s the link:

EHHF left no stone unturned exploring housing resources countrywide. Those are very sparse and the process of obtaining subsidized housing is long. For families facing homelessness the programs provide little respite.

We have MANY desperate requests on file; I’ve been touched the most by these two:

A story of a divorced mother of a 13 year old son in Long Beach, CA. The mother survived three bouts with cancer with the son as her only ally and care provider during her recovery. Because of her illness she lost her job and run out of resources. The close-knit family became homeless on July 5th 2013.

A story of a single mother of three from Texas involves false accusations, loss of a teaching license and eventually, a vindication in a court of law. The vindication however arrived too late: the family lost their home and car. At the last minute, the mother found a job; the family is homeless as we speak while the mother tries to cling to her new job….

Unfortunately, there are many other single parent families in similarly critical situations. Now, stop for a moment: a financial crisis is tough on anyone, but in cases of single parents there are children involved! A mother alone with a child or children, no one is more vulnerable than such a family! And yet, Enlightened Helping Hand Foundation (EHHF), a legitimate non-profit organization, has found no effective way of catching these families midair!!!

True, the economy isn’t great and we all had to cut back in one way or another. Still, for the majority, it’s life as usual with weddings, birthdays, holidays, vacations and anniversaries….
I refuse to believe that we as a society can’t come up with enough heart and / or funds to keep struggling single mother families safe!

Of course, there is no way to pay monthly rents of thousands single mother families, but there is a way to keep the families safe and fed while individual solutions for each family are being worked on.

Here’s the dream: to create a Safe Family Haven for Struggling Single Parent Families, a transitional facility (with a home-like ambience) for single parent families in crisis. Where every family gets a clean, safe place to stay, psychological counseling and three meals a day while solutions for each family are being developed. The children would be cared for and the parents would work to pay for their stay. There’d be a child care center as well as a work preparedness program and a workplace for the adults (it could be a factory, a store or a café that provides immediate employment).
The stay would be temporary only: the cost could be worked off or remain as a debt to be repaid within a couple of years by volunteering for other single parent families in crisis.

If I didn’t touch you yet, the single parents at risk are no deadbeats or substance abusers; these are regular people who carry double, triple and quadruple responsibility who have fallen on hard times. Home represents safety. Without a home there’s no family and no childhood. We – as individuals and society – have to step in and step up! These disadvantaged single mothers’ children will grow up with our help or without; the actions we’ll take now will decide who they’ll become: productive members of society or resentful rebels. A single parent is often a hero to her or his children; is someone to admire, respect and aspire to be like. If you’ve been raised by a single parent or if you’ve been a single parent, you know that!

Let’s afford them the opportunity to recover! Let’s create the Safe Family Haven for Struggling Single Parent Families. No one is more motivated to succeed than a single parent: a single parent has the most compelling reasons to succeed: the children.

If you believe in the American Dream; if you believe that America is the Land of Opportunity than for goodness sake, be outraged by the suffering of disadvantaged single mother families! Express your outrage, your sense of fairness and compassion by making a pledge; whether you can afford a lot or just one dollar, your “vote” for a prosperous future of America will save lives!!! 

The goal is to create a Safe Family Haven for Struggling Single Parent Families that offers residence, nutrition, childcare, psychological care, education and workplace for disadvantaged single parents whose individual cases are being worked on and for whom individual solutions are being developed.

The target amount is $1,000,000. Please help us raise the funds: providing referrals and advice isn’t enough to prevent human tragedies!

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